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Emergent Feminine Services

We work worldwide with a mission to inspire wisdom, personal success and leadership. We take our clients on a journey of discovery of possibilities, assist them to co-create healthy work cultures and to build their capacity to achieve peak performance and successfully navigate change. Our programs and processes explore diverse topics ranging from cutting edge personal and organizational transformative technologies to the sacred healing of ancient cultures.

Is this your life? You have a project that could propel your career forward. The budget is running out, teams are running behind schedule, processes and systems are not meeting the demand, and key players are leaving. Your friends would like to see you more, your childrenís marks are lower, and your partnerís employer is cutting staff.

We work with you to emerge leadership, develop systems, manage corporate issues, revitalize your workforce, embrace diversity for maximum results, and harmonize your family, personal and career lives. Having gained success for our clients - your success is guaranteed. They evolved with change and you can too!

Organizations and companies like Intel, Microsoft, Siberian Academy for Public Administration, Fairbanks Alaska School District, YMCA, Capital District Health Authority, Confederacy of Mainland Miíkmaq, Novosibirsk State Medical Academy, and other well known corporations and organizations have raised their bottom-lines and enhanced their systems, processes and teams, unleashed wisdom and leadership through co-creating with our professionals.

Through consulting and coaching, our work includes:

  • Leadership capacity building
  • Essential Partnerships
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Customer Focus and Communication
  • Team Development
  • Organizational Health and Balance
  • Hearing the Heart of Difference (a successful process that builds capacity while generating more voices of difference, rather than few).
  • Large and small group Facilitation


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When you come to the edge of all you know, partner with a coach to help you fly...