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Four Keys to Engaging Leadership (Ebook)

Celebrating the Thrill of Womenís Leadership

Give yourself an opportunity to slow the pace of day-to-day activity long enough to allow quality time for relaxing, learning, and restoration.

Explore and develop your capacity for embracing power and vulnerability as a leader.

The material in this Ebook is informed by the stunningly brilliant minds of women we have worked with around the world. From our work and conversations with women leaders in business, entrepreneurs, education, health care, corporations, the private and public sectors. It is also informed by our wide span of experience and study encompassing broad scopes of knowledge, technology, philosophy, and cross-cultural healing. And from our work and conversations with women in Alaska, Siberia, Denmark, Hawaii, Sweden, Australia, Germany, UK, Austria, US and Canada.

Voices of diverse women, including:
Senior managers, executive directors and business owners looking to make a difference From nursing leaders after the SARS crisis in Canada to nursing leaders in Siberia Educators looking for influence without imposition Coaching clients who want to rediscover their ability to influence and dream Leaders from all walks of life who dare to dream of a different way of being.

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Breaking Free – Reclaiming Value (Teleseminar)

Explore your program for creating and claiming value in your life. It's about time. It's about money. It's about life. It's about you.

Do you feel like youíre on the brink of something great, but something is holding you back? Do you want more from life, such as a new business/career, life-balance, and a deeper experience of community? Do you want to create accountability, support and real results? Are you ready to take the next step to live your heartís desire? Experience the power of collective intention with a mastermind group.

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