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Emergent Feminine Philosophy

Our work is our contribution to emerging human systems based on collaboration, affirmation of the human spirit and interconnectedness.

We co-create environments to uncover, stimulate, and harness the inner resources and incredible power of the human spirit to achieve excellence in service to others and ourselves.

We are fascinated with the ‘power of presence’ as a means for stimulating personal and organizational transformation, especially in areas of conflict and stress. We work to balance the inherent feminine and masculine internally and externally. Both states are present within our natures. In our work, we speak to the feminine in all – men and women. However, in the conditioning of the western world, many have come to see the feminine as women in the physical form.

Women of vision have taken us to new heights over the years. We are not the same women as our mothers. We are deeply grateful to those who walked before and more determined than ever to be the diverse people we are meant to be.

Many recognize the lack of understanding in the history of feminine power. For some this has resulted in a great deal of emotional pain and lack of connectedness to ourselves as women. This disconnectedness to our feminine nature and/or emotional body creates a great imbalance for humanity and ourselves. We choose to acknowledge and move forward from the positive past.

In the last thirty years, we have been witnessing a rising of feminine voices among women of all races. Voices of women who speak of women's ways of knowing, learning, teaching, sharing, influencing, advocating for change and healing. The voices we hear are loud, soft, beautiful, struggling, provocative, and scholarly. Voices that are filled with curiosity, anger, yearning, rage, joy, laughter, and power. Voices that hear the call to remember, by retelling ancient stories and weaving a tapestry of new ones. They speak to the feminine in this moment in time--the here and now that affirms what was, what is, what will become.

Partnership is our primary focus because we believe it is the essential ingredient for authentic and empowered relationships in our increasingly interdependent world. We believe that partnership is essential to addressing the larger challenges of society. Relationships are essential --- business, personal or professional, same or different gender. Whatever the context, our goal is the same: to increase your ease and competency in managing the challenging and creative power of partnership.

The process compels us to contemplate the meaning of our existence and the significance of all relationships. Through this contemplation we capture the intimations of the vastness that lies beyond linear understanding.

Through our focus on involving leaders in exploring and developing capacity for embracing power and vulnerability as a leader, relationships improve and partnerships are formed. As leaders explore inner and outer partnership, balancing inherent masculine and feminine, ideas and inspired actions essential for moving forward are generated. We have assisted teams in moving through challenges and difficult issues so that entire business units and departments implement major organizational and strategic change initiatives.

We work as coaches and consultants to corporations, communities, governmental agencies, businesses, educational institutions, financial institutions, and the health sector.

We facilitate processes where we bring ourselves to new levels of capability. A facilitator elicits and sustains this kind of breakthrough change process, whether it is in a person, in a group, or in an organization. Rather than trying to explain or teach what is needed, the facilitator attends to the process of change and trusts that things will self-organize. Examples of such self-organization are:

  • new insights where problems are spontaneously solved;
  • changes of heart where the trust level shifts and adversaries become friends;
  • a shift from dependency to empowerment;
  • a change of management style, from control to self-management;
  • people discovering what they really want instead of what they thought they wanted.

We use dynamic facilitation – both in one-on-one coaching situations and with groups in organizations and communities. It is people who give organizations a unique point of difference.

"I look forward to the day when we abandon our collective need for safety through homogeneity and reclaim our natural curiosity about what is not like us. Maybe that day will be the day that we no longer need to "manage" diversity, and will have no need other than to engage it and open ourselves to receive its gifts."

Judith Richardson

About Emergent Feminine
About Emergent Feminine

Judith Richardson is known for her successful integrative approach to women's leadership. Author of Four Keys to Engaging Leadership, Peaceful Expression of Difference, Heart and Mind of the Entrepreneurial Women (Prime Minister’s Task Force on Women in Business 2003), keynote speaker, international organizational development across North America, Europe and Russia. Her work in the art of relationship has been featured in ICFAI University’s Executive Reference Manual, BizBeat Magazine, International Association of Facilitators Manual. Judith is an international coach and consultant who leads workshops around the world in leadership, conflict resolution, intercultural communication, emergent human systems, shared leadership, personal and organizational transformation, and has been nominated as International Coach of the Year. She is a former senior manager, paralegal, IT executive, University and College professor, and holds a Master’s Degree in capacity for change. She uses processes that engage spirit and energy of individuals and groups by inviting choice and voice, and inviting participants to tap into their passion and take responsibility.

I love what I do, I love what I bring to the world, I claim value for that following my rules, not others.
The Universe pays me well for doing what I love to do and being who I am.
As I align myself with what I prefer, what I prefer becomes my experience.
I choose to be in the presence of people who call me to my power.
I believe in daily practice connecting to our higher power.
I have excellent systems in place and am expanding them daily.
The better it gets the better it gets.
I am grateful for manifesting this beautiful home I own to work from.
I am grateful for my home office with sunshine and breathing space.
When support is needed I attract the best.
I attract partners and colleagues who call me to my power.
I now attract that support even before I realize it is needed.
I follow my excellent intuition.
I have made resistance my friend and have more clarity around resistance vs. inner being.
I create all of my life. If I'm not vibrating it -- it can't be in my experience-- I know that, so I get curious around shifting to a place that manifests consistent, high income.
I manifested more than double the income from consulting and coaching this year than last.
I feel richer than I've ever felt in my life.
I want to see my bank accounts growing, and I believe deeply that they can and will.
I come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs!

~ Judith Richarson

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